I International Symposium on Cell and Gene-Based Therapies

The I International Symposium on Cell and Gene-Based Therapies will take place on June 28th - 29th2012 in Granada, Spain. During this Symposium, a broad range of topics in advanced therapies will be discussed, including stem cell and gene therapy, biomaterials and tissue engineering as well as European Regulation for the development of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, among others. A special emphasis will be placed on clinical translation of regenerative medicine in different medical specialities, on issues regarding intellectual property and on educational challenges in the field of advanced therapies.

analytica 2012

April 17-20, 2012. New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Munich, Germany

23rd International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and analytica Conference This first-rate event for fundamental and application-oriented research and the development of analysis techniques in chemistry, diagnostics, molecular biology, biochemistry and related fields contributes considerably to the fact that analytica has evolved into the most important gathering that this industry has.

Themes and highlights of the analytica Conference 2012: Light and Molecular Ions, Advances and Challenges in Separation Science, Modern Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis, Emerging Drugs of Abuse, Recent Advances in Bioanalytical LC-MS, Autoimmune- and Rheumadiagnostics, Bioinformatics, Metallomics, Drug Testing & Analysis, Clinical Metabolomics.

Ion Channel Consortium for Ion Channel Drug Discovery

Ion Channel Consortium for Ion Channel Drug Discovery formed by Aurora, Alion Pharmaceuticals and Specs. Vancouver, British Columbia, February 14, 2012.

Aurora Biomed Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Alion Pharmaceuticals and Specs to form a new Ion Channel Consortium that will provide a novel, comprehensive solution for ion channel drug discovery. Together, the three companies will offer value added identification and validation of ion channel modulators. The Ion Channel Consortium combines Alion’s proprietary method for short-listing drug candidates, Specs’ reliable sourcing and synthesis of compounds, and Aurora’s superior patch clamp services. Researchers now have an option that enables time and cost savings while providing a unique method to identify new drug candidates for channelopathies.

About Aurora Biomed

Aurora Biomed is a global leader in the design and development of laboratory solutions for life science, environmental science, drug discovery/safety and chemical analysis research. We are committed to improving the quality of human and environmental health by providing technologyand services which facilitate a higher sample throughput while improving quality, accuracy and precision. Aurora Biomed focuses on ion channel screening services for drug discovery and innovative high-throughput ion channel screening technology. Aurora’s proprietary ion channel readers enable the pharmaceutical industry to address drug safety issues earlier in the discovery process. Aurora Biomed provides contract research services for ion channels, channel forming proteins and toxins, creation and testing of mutant cDNA ion channels, and various ion channel cell lines.

About Specs

Specs is one of the world's leading suppliers of chemistry solutions for drug discovery to the Life Science industry. The main activities of Specs are focused on the supply of large numbers of high-quality screening compounds for High Throughput Screening (HTS), on-site and/or off-site compound handling, cheminformatics and contract research for lead discovery programs. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and world-class expertise, Specs provides custom-tailored services and breakthrough solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical industry worldwide, allowing the customers to concentrate on the development of their core (research) activities. Information about Specs can be found at

About Alion Pharmaceuticals

Alion has developed proprietary in silico technology to rapidly identify lead compounds to modulate certain ion channels and protein-protein interactions. The technology is applicable to designing small molecule leads for specific ion channels. Short-listed, high value compounds can then have their effect on ion channels characterized through limited experimentation. Alion’s technology is applicable to designing small molecule leads to a given macro-molecule target, where only the structure of a peptide (or protein) ligand is known.