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Flag of ArgentinaOfficial Name: Argentine Republic

GEOGRAPHY Area Total: 2,780,400 sq km GOVERNMENT Capital Buenos Aires

PEOPLE & SOCIETY Population 45.5 million (July 2020 est.) Population Growth 0.86% (2020 est.) Language Spanish (official)

ECONOMY Economic Overview suffered recurring economic crises during most of the 20th century, but now beginning a transformation towards a more liberal economic order, taking advantage of its rich natural resources, highly literate population, export-orientation, and diversified industry GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) $922.1 billion (2017 est.) GDP per capita (Purchasing Power Parity) $20,900 (2017 est.) Exports $58.45 billion (2017 est.) partners: Brazil 16.1%, US 7.9%, China 7.5%, Chile 4.4% (2017) Imports $63.97 billion (2017 est.) partners: Brazil 26.9%, China 18.5%, US 11.3%, Germany 4.9% (2017)

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