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Corporate Headquarters
1-3671 Viking Way, Richmond, BC V6V 2J5
(+1) 604 247 2416

Founded in 2004 and based in Vancouver, Canada, Applied Biological Materials (abm) Inc. manufacturers products for Life Sciences and Drug Development

abm’s comprehensive cell collection provides primary and immortalized cell lines for your research needs. Continuously dividing immortalized cells arise from defined mutational events that allow the primary cells to evade normal cellular senescence. The resulting immortalized primary cells are highly useful for cell biology research as they are significantly easier to culture and maintain compared to their primary counterparts. With over 400 immortalized cell lines to choose from, abm has a large immortalized cell line collection.

About Biolaboratorio

Biolaboratorio is an international directory of companies manufacturing or distributing lab reagents, supplies and instruments. We are focussed on the biological, environmental and clinical laboratory. Company listing is completely free, but only those companies with significant interest for our visitors will be accepted.


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